Himalayan Balsam Bash

August 5, 2012

The 29th Immaculata Scout Troop, along with the 5th North Brownies, took part in a joint movement project to work towards a uniform badge, but more importantly to help clean up our local nature area is Mansbridge. Both the sections above meet at the same Scout Hut, so we already knew one another before hand (Leaders anyway) and some children did as well.

Over the course of our five hours both movements worked together in four mini groups. Two groups worked in different areas to pull up the Himalayan Balsam Weed; this is an invasive weed that needs to be cleared on an annual basis to reduce its invasion from riverbanks. This will then allow natural vegetation to thrive for the benefit of all natural insects.

This was simply done by wearing gardening gloves and protective glasses, reaching as far down to the ground as you could, getting around various obstructions, and pulling to get the roots up. This was much easier then it may sound. Then we just made piles of the weed as tall as scouts to be sorted by the organisers in charge at a later date.

Another group went on a litter pick armed with grabbing sticks and bags to collect a wide range of rubbish left by either people on picnics or who had just dropped it as they walked through the reserve.

The final group, armed with secateurs and shears, were helping to tidy up the paths by cutting back the bushes etc, which were growing over them, so a more clearer pathway through for the public to use was established.

During the day all groups rotated to cover each other’s tasks and also have an opportunity to take part in various other roles.

We also took a packed lunch along with us and sat down together to eat during the day. This is when some Scouts (younger ones) and Brownies realised that they knew one another from either their current school, or the Scout had moved onto secondary school, but used to go to the school where the Brownies current do.

The weather during the day was very kind to us with the sun coming out for the whole time we were there.

At the very end the Friends of Monksbridge, who we were helping out, gave some of the children who had not left earlier, a small coke in the local pub garden to say thanks. They said that we had done much more then they had expected, but our number of 16 Scouts and Leaders along with 11 Brownies and Leaders attended (making 27 of us) did help.

They also asked whether we were up for it nexts year, everyone seemed happy with this idea.

All in all a good day for both the Scouts and Brownies showing the local community what we can get up to and showing them that some of the local children do care about the environment and are happy to help clear it up, and that both movements can work together in harmony to a common goal.

From Russ.

29th SL/GSL.

Waitrose Green Tokens

May 1, 2012

We need your help please!

Last year our group applied to Waitrose in Portswood to become their chosen charity at some point in their Community Donation Campaign. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that we have now been successful and will be one of three charities being used in the month of MAY. NOW!

Can you please tell everyone you know, whether family, friends, neighbours or other parents you see at the school gate etc, that if they shop in Waitrose in Portswood and are given a Green Token at the check-out, TO PUT IT IN OUR BOX. The more money we can bring in to replace kit etc, the less our parents have to pay in Subs etc.

The tokens work by Waitrose having £1000 to share out between the three chosen charities once the month is over. It doesn’t work on first, second, third, but by a percentage of how many tokens you have. So for example if there were 1000 tokens handed out and 800 were in our box, one of the others had 150 and the other 50, we would get £800, and the others £150 and £50.

So please make sure our box is full and if you know someone who works there (or work there yourself?!) please make them aware to advise customers that the 29th Southampton Immaculata box is the only box for them!

Queen’s Jubilee Badge

February 6, 2012

On Sunday the 5th  February (Day before the Queen came to the throne), all three Sections from the 29th took part in the county Queen Jubilee Badge Challenge, in order for each young member to be able to gain their badge. We thought as a Leader team that they should have to earn their badge to wear it.

During the afternoon all Beavers, Cubs and two thirds of the Scouts attend the 29th Scout HQ for this event. They were put into small groups made up of all three Section members and a Leader.

The task was to make Sky Lanterns, which also fitted in with the Chinese New Year and could be used as part of their badge work.

After I had done my Blue Peter of here’s one I made earlier, they were off building and sticking. They could each add their own design on the side, and could divide all the jobs required between them.

The Lanterns were made from fire proof newspaper, which was sprayed before hand, Bamboo around the base with two small birthday candles attached.

This was also a good opportunity for the young people to talk and meet each other from other Sections, as well as the Leaders of their next Section. It was also easy for me as GSL to introduce my new Leaders to the other Leaders who do not work in their Section.

While we waited for the glue to dry, we all joined in playing games from each Section (Scout ones also being Beaver friendly!)

Towards the end, before we launched, we waited for the parents to watch with us. There was no wind and a clear sky for the lanterns to enter.

With the aid of a hair dryer to create warm air and to inflate them, we were ready to launch. Of course with added pressure from the children counting Andy and “Gnat” down to release!


Christmas with the Beavers

December 20, 2011

Christmas time at 29th Southampton Beavers is always lots of fun.

We started the season by going to the fun day at Paultons Park. It was unseasonably warm and sunny, and we had lots of fun exploring the new Peppa Pig Word and Christmas Wonderland, before meeting Father Christmas.

Later on in the month we went to the District Beavers Christingle service, which is always a lovely service with each child there having their own lit Christingle. This year the theme was the advent calendar, we represented three days (Crackers, Holly and Ivy, and The Queen’s Speech)

Lastly, we went to the annual Christmas Pantomine which this year was The Borrowers, which was interesting to see on stage, to say the least!

Scout Maddison Hunt Success!

November 4, 2011

This year saw another successful entry into the Maddison Hunt, an annual district competition in the New Forest for younger Scouts, involving an incident hike with several bases designed to put their Scouting skills to the test, including pioneering, map reading and emergency rescue.

Our team of four did the Group proud and came first, improving on last years second place finish, and we were awarded the coveted Maddison Hunt trophy by DC Colin Floyd.


Are you 18+ looking for something exciting to do?

September 26, 2011

Fancy joining our group, but not sure you have the time to commit to being a leader?

Or maybe you have some burning ideas for the running of the group and don’t know who to tell them to?

Perhaps you have some great activities you’d like to introduce to the Scouts?

Our group currently has spaces on its exec for Parent Reps and Chairperson. If you want to join in our group but not have the full responsibility of being a leader or assistant, then one of these positions could be for you! Please get in contact with our Group Scout Leader Russ, who’ll be able to fill you in on what is involved.


September 22, 2011

Welcome to 29th Southampton Scout Group! We’re based in Portswood, Southampton and we have spaces for wanna be Scouts from 6 to 14 years old. Have a look around, and if you like what you see get in contact.


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